Friday, 18 September 2015

Ebele Kemery

Ebele Kemery - The Founders, A Wish Come True

Can we let you in on a little secret? Lean in so we can whisper in your ear. Closer. Closer. Even closer. Perfect!

We can’t believe this is finally happening!

18 months ago, when Ebele pulled us into this project, it read very much like another engineer brainstorming exercise -- The Never Ending Tale of What Ifs?

What if we could design a beautiful doll that would make girls of diverse backgrounds proud of what they saw in the mirror?
What if we transferred power to these girls by giving them choices to customize our product to represent their own beauty?
What if we could make girls proud not just of what they look like, but also proud of where their look came from?
What if we take things a little bit further and help girls become proud of where they can go in life?
What if we created a safe space for girls that normalized going far? Very far?

And what if, just what if, we could use the money from the doll sales to support impactful girls initiatives around the world that go above and beyond to give girls 


Chances to not just dream, but do.

Chances to not just do, but win.

Like with any tricky engineer problem set, just when you thought you’d answered all the tough questions, you turn the page to discover the additional ones on the 


Why dolls? Why us? Why branch out from Finance, Consulting, IT, or Medical School “to play with dolls”? Why now? These are excellent questions, and within our brain 

trust we’ve come up with two answers.

The first is simple. Why not?

Second, They’re not “just” dolls.

Today’s modern girl shares more in common with her global counterparts than she ever has in human history. What does that mean? Or perhaps, more importantly, what is 

that going to mean? The data shows that there’s a girl halfway around the world that shares her favorite movie, her favorite cereal brand, her favorite dress up item 

from Mommy’s closet, favorite tablet computers, and much more. She also share aspirations, and you know what? These two girls will eventually meet each other at camps, 

college, conferences, career sites, and beyond. Our Feature Doll line in particular intends to nurture and promote this narrative of global sisterhood.  As much as My 

Muse Dolls is about “I am beautiful”, it’s just as much about “And so are you”.

What’s the best time to support each other?


What’s the second best time?


Until next time,

My Muse Team


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